Aloha Moving & Packing Tips

Make Your Move as Easy as Possible

1. Use the right tools. Aloha Moving can provide boxes and packing material for all your household packing needs. High quality moving boxes reduce the chance of damage during a move.
    2. For Residential Moves: Before the packing begins, set aside an overnight bag of essential things you will need. Toothbrushes, pajamas, medications, contact solution, etc. Once everything is packed into boxes, it can be hard to locate them right away at your new home.
      3. Old newspaper can be used for packing, but be aware that the ink can stain some items being packed so use wisely. You can also use sheets, blanket, towels, and pillows. Protect fragile objects with saran wrap, packing peanuts or bubble wrap.
        4. It’s easier to pack room by room. You can label the boxes with color labels or numbers or simply write the location on each box to let the movers know where they go. Make sure to label any boxes that are fragile or need special handling. Make sure the boxes are able to close properly. This makes it easier for the movers to stack them and move more at a time. If the lids are not able to close due to contents, that’s ok, those boxes just need to be stacked on top or moved separately. Make sure the box used can support the weight of its contents. Try to keep the weight under 50 pounds, and stack heavier items on the bottom with lighter contents on top. Try to put heavy objects in small boxes, and lighter objects in big boxes. Use strong tape designated for moving. Anything fragile that could break in transport should be removed from dresser drawers. Clothing can remain in the drawers. The movers will secure the dresser drawers to keep them from sliding open during transport.
          5. Pack Your Own Valuables: Anything such as jewelry, family heirlooms, or other priceless items should be packed and moved by you when possible. Also plants, pets, fish, etc. 
            6. Moving can be stressful and difficult. If you need help …ALOHA movers are happy to help with the packing. We are here for you! Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

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